This is a call for anyone with an ounce of creativity and a passion for local Girlguiding – can you design Girlguiding Ayrshire North’s new County badge?!

What shape will you choose? Circle, square, triangle?
What design? Local landmarks, animals, places?
What colours? You have the full rainbow to choose from!

There are only 3 rules:
1. It must include ‘Girlguiding Ayrshire North County’ on it somewhere
2. It must have the Trefoil on it somewhere
3. It must keep with Girlgudiing branding guidelines (badge-and-merchandise-guidelines)
– a couple of the key guidelines include: the Trefoil must be blue (unless on a blue background then it can be inversed); the Trefoil must stand alone and not part of another image/design; and the Trefoil should ideally be straight.

You can submit a design as an individual, a small group, or as a unit. It can be drawn on a bit of paper, or done on a computer – whatever suits you. Just make sure your design is big and clear so it can be properly judged. We have prepared a template that you can use, with many different shape options – click here to download.

Once you have your design ready, email or post it to Sheena Baillie at OR

30 Haining Avenue
East Ayrshire

All designs need to be in before Christmas and the winning design will be announced on Thinking Day 2017! Good luck!