Evelyn Auld, a Vice President of Girlguiding Ayrshire North, sadly passed away in October 2016.

She was a member of Girlguiding for decades – beginning as a young Brownie in Irvine before going on to become a Guide leader in Kilmarnock, followed by terms as both District and Division Commissioners in the former County of Ayrshire, and then in Ayrshire North & Bute in the restructure. Evelyn then went on to become a familiar County Vice President in Ayrshire North where she continued to diligently support the young members and volunteers in all they did.

Evelyn took her County responsibilities seriously, and with a strong loyalty to the area she was not afraid to let her opinions be known!

Eleanor McCallum, another Girlguiding Ayrshire North Vice President, said:

“The journeys to County events could be memorable with Evelyn as new bypasses emerged or wrong turnings taken lead to ending up in the wrong town or village for a meeting!”

Evelyn most recently attended the Kilmarnock Senior Section Spectacular celebration on 1st October where she made the first cut in the 100th birthday cake! She spent the day with friends reminiscing about the good old days, and found the vintage uniforms on display particularly amusing – some of which she had worn through her Guiding life!

Evely was a proud member of Girlguiding and kept her promise and laws throughout her life, setting a great eample to all. Girlguiding Ayrshire North will continue to remember Evelyn’s commitment to Girlguiding and aim to emulate her spirit and dedication in the future.

“A friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.”