Awards add something extra special to young members’ guiding experience

Our range of awards inspires young members and celebrates their achievements. Some are new awards, others have a long history. But all of them take time and commitment to achieve, which is why they’re something young members can be really proud of. 

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, celebrate the progress and achievements our young members make as they work through the Girlguiding Programme. They’re designed to encourage our young members to take on a broad range of challenges and learn new skills. The activities young members do in their Unit meetings (Unit Meeting Activities and Skill Builders) count towards these awards. There are also Interest Badges, which we encourage young members to complete at home. For more information on the Girlguiding Programme, please visit the Girlguiding website.

Bronze Award

To earn a Bronze Award, a young member needs to complete two out of six Theme Awards.

Silver Award

To earn a Silver Award, a young member needs to complete four out of six Theme Awards.

Gold Award

To earn a Gold Award, a young member needs to complete all six Theme Awards and an extra challenge! The challenge is different for every section, so check the badge book to find out what to do.

Where to order Awards

To order the awards for your Unit, please fill in the forms by clicking the buttons below;