(Age 18+)

Guiding isn’t just for girls!

Trefoil Guild Scotland provides fun, friendship and ways to make a difference for men and women over the age of 18.

It’s a sister organisation to Girlguiding Scotland and its members agree to support guiding’s values. Many members help local Girlguiding units with projects or badges, as well as support local or international charities.

Every guild is a ready-made circle of new friends, tailored to the interests and lifestyle of its members.

There are more than 90 Trefoil Guilds across Scotland. And if there isn’t one nearby, you can set one up – all you need to get started is six members! Trefoil Guild Scotland also has a Lones Guild for members who can’t attend regular meetings or don’t have a group near them. Lones keep in touch by email, mail and socialising at events.

Whether you’re involved in Girlguiding or not, Trefoil Guild Scotland is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people to share your next adventure – whatever that might be!

If you’re keen to join then get in touch with Trefoil Guild Scotland through their website.

Ayrshire North has 6 guilds

BEITH meets 2nd Monday of the month
IRVINE meets 3rd Wednesday of the month
KILWINNING meets 1st Tuesday of the month
KELBURN meets 3rd Wednesday of the month
UPPER IRVINE VALLEY meets 2nd Wednesday of the month
KILMARNOCK meets 3rd Thursday of the month
For more information, visit the Trefoil Guild website or if you have any questions specifically about Trefoil Guild, please contact our Trefoil Chairperson – Magaret Hamilton