Our new programme is for #EveryGirl

Girlguiding wanted each young member to understand the fantastic activities, resources and opportunities in store for her. To help everyone in your unit get thinking about the new programme we’ve created some special resources including posters and activities. This is a great way to keep your guiders motivated whilst being at home and determined to complete more badges!!

Download them all here to get started.  

Programme overview posters

Girlguiding thought it would be useful to have different posters for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers. Girlguiding have created three new posters for each section, to help you explain the new programme to your unit. They include: 

  1. An overview of all the badges for each section divided by theme
  2. An overview of each of the programme themes
  3. An overview of what girls need to do to achieve a Theme award and Gold award

Download and print

Get active

To help you explain the different programme elements to your unit, Girlguiding has developed two new activities that allow girls to get to grips with everything in a fun, informative way.

One is for Rainbows and Brownies and the other is for Guides and Rangers. You’ll notice that they’re speaking directly to girls. This is to encourage them to take more of a lead in their unit meetings and what they do in guiding as a whole. All the new programme activities were created with this in mind.

Why not try these out with your unit as you explore the new programme? Some elements may be completed whilst being at home!

Download and print

Celebrate with our  #EveryGirl poster and dice

To get girls excited about what’s coming up, try our poster celebrating and introducing the new programme. The poster includes a net of a “theme dice” that can be cut out and stuck together to form a 3D dice. You’ll see that each side of the dice has a theme name and lots of words connected to that theme. So why not throw the dice and get thinking about what these theme names mean to you and your girls? Something you could easily do via the Zoom App at home. Keep your girls motivated and active in Girlguiding during these times.

Here you’ll find a number of versions of the poster (colour and black and white) and a large net of the dice. These give you options if you want to have a colouring session in your unit and stick together a big dice and poster, or just print off a colour version of the poster and put it up. (Can do this at home)

Download and print