Out and About is Girlguiding Scotland’s Outdoor Challenge badge for 2016. The challenge is open to all sections from Rainbows to Trefoil Guild. The tasks are…

  • Take your unit for an outdoor mini adventure before the end of October 2016.
  • Go into the hills, local park, or down to the woods, seashore or river bank to find the local wildlife or have a outdoors game or picnic.
  • Take a photograph of your unit having fun.
  • Get a special Out and About Challenge badge.

  • Please ensure that whatever you choose to do for your Out and About challenge, someone in your unit has the relevant qualifications, particularly if you are going into the wills or out onto the water. In all cases, remember to inform your Division Commissioner.

    Photographs submitted by the deadline will be made into a 2016 photobook. Email the following details to once you have your photo!

  • The name of your Unit and Girlguiding County (Ayrshire North)
  • What your unit did to take part in the challenge
  • And remember to attach your photo to the email!
  • To get your badge for completing the challenge, post your order to Elizabeth Howie (address at the bottom of the page). Make sure you include the following:

  • Name of your unit and Girlguiding County (Ayrshire North)
  • Contact name and address
  • Number of badges required
  • Cheque for cost of badges at £1 each made payable to ‘The Guide Association Scotland;
  • Correctly stamped and self addressed envelopes
  • For your self addressed envelope, ensure they are A5 in size and for up to 20 badges have it stamped with a Large 2nd class; for up to 50 badges have it stamped with £1.20 in stamps. For more than 50 badges mix and match the above until you have enough envelopes and stamps.
  • Have fun!

    Elizabeth Howie
    93 Argyll Road
    KA21 5NE