😁 Meet the Team! 😁
As Marcom Advisors we are introducing a new segment called ‘Meet the Team’. Every few weeks we will be introducing a member from our County! From Commissioners to County Execs!
We would like to introduce is:
Louise Crichton
Role: County Commissioner and Leader at 1st Hurlford Guides
Length of time in Girlguiding: 6 and a bit years
Best Girlguiding Memory: I don’t have one single best memory. Camping and trips are my favourite things to do in Guiding so most would be related to that.
Favourite Campfire song: I always do a song called ‘Jellyfish’ which is ridiculous but the girls love it so it’s probably my favourite. Like most though, I also have a soft spot for ‘Linger’ as when I worked at a Summer Camp in Ohio, we used to sing that at the end of every week so it reminds of that amazing experience too.
Guiding Achievements: I’ve squeezed a lot into the last 6 years! Leadership qualification; Going Away With; and Travelling Abroad module. My greatest achievements though are my Queen’s Guide Award, which I earned in 2018, and of course being asked to be County Commissioner.
Favourite Trip/Opportunity: In 2017, through Girlguiding, I took part in a fundraising trek across the Great Wall of China. It was 30 volunteers from across the UK and we walked 72km of the wall over 7 days. We raised over £90k for Girlguiding.
Why choose to volunteer for Girlguiding?: After working in the USA for 12 weeks at a Summer Camp, I knew I wanted to keep doing something like that in my spare time because I enjoyed working with young people so much, and I loved challenging them to try new new things and seeing them develop. I’d been a Rainbow and a Brownie, so I instantly thought of Girlguiding and as soon as I got home I signed up. I continue to volunteer though because not only do I enjoy seeing the girls in my Unit have fun, but it’s fulfilling knowng that I’m playing a small part in building the confidence and skills of the next generation (not art & craft skills – which is not my area of expertise, but hopefully others). As a volunteer though I’ve also gained so much – I’m more patient; better time management; the ability to work with lots of different people from different walks of life; being more involved in my local community; general leadership (if you can lead a group of Guides through an activity then you can facilitate a meeting at work no problem!) and so much more!
👍 Thank You Louise for taking part! 👍