😁 Meet the Team! 😁
As Marcom Advisors we are introducing a new segment called ‘Meet the Team’. Every few weeks we will be introducing a member from our County! From Commissioners to County Advisors!
The first member we would like to introduce is:
Kerry Elliott
Role: North West Cunninghame Division Commissioner and Rainbow Leader
Length of time in Girlguiding: 5 Years
Best Girlguiding Memory: I don’t have one in particular but I loved the first Rainbow sleepover I led, It was Harry Potter themed and I think the leaders got more into it than the girls. This was their first ever sleepover so it was a special moment for the girls, leaders and I
Favourite Campfire song: There are so many i love but cant remember them all, I think “The Princess Pat” or “Alice the Camel”.
Guiding Achievements: Wow there are so many in the short time i have been guiding. I have completed my Leadership training for all levels, The Going Away With Scheme, taking on the Division Commissioner role and I was the Assistant Additional Needs Advisor for Ayrshire South. I also took over and made a success of the 3rd Ardrossan Rainbows. The girls loved it so much we had to start a Brownie unit and coming soon, a Guiding Unit. I can’t get enough.
Favourite Trip/Opportunity: It had to be Ayrwaves 2017. My first time camping, my first international camp, my longest holiday and so much fun, getting to meet others from around the world and just meet with other passionate leaders and helpers. I also met up with some old friends that I didn’t realise were Guiders and we reconnected which was amazing.
Why choose to volunteer for Girlguiding?: There are opportunities for everyone. It isn’t all just leading a unit, you can help occasionally or have a less hands on role such as completing unit accounts etc. Mainly you get to meet amazing people and the journey is for you not just the girls in the units. I have grown as a person thanks to GirlGuiding and will continue to Grow.
👍 Thank You Kerry for taking part! 👍