These new ideas will make you laugh and help you connect in your video calls

We know that meeting over video just isn’t the same as meeting people face-to-face. But our virtual games should get you giggling and add some virtual fun to your next video call.

Each month we’ll be adding two new great ideas to the list.

Pick your favorite and get everyone in your call to join in!

Suprising sound effects

Crackle, bang, whoosh, ping! What was that? 

Can you guess what noise is being made without seeing it? Close your eyes and click your fingers – does it sound how you imagined?

Now take turns switching off your cameras. Find something around you to make a noise. You might find scratch on a hard surface, rustle some tissue paper, play a musical instrument or close a door. You could even try to use a body part, like clapping – think outside the box!

Try it this way
If you can’t turn your camera off, move away from the screen or tilt your camera upwards so nobody can see you.

Once the noise has been made a few times, take turns guessing what you think it could be. Once everyone’s guessed – turn your camera back on and show them. Did anyone guess correctly?

Top tip
Make your noise close to the microphone so everyone can hear you.

Keep playing, taking turns to make your sounds. Give yourself a point for every correct answer. Who’ll get the most right?

Ready to up the challenge? Think some new rules to add into your game. For example, you only have three seconds to listen to sound, you can only use objects that around found in a kitchen or only use your body parts!

Explain to me

It’s adventure time! Before you set off, you’ll need to think about what’s important for your journey.

Your leader will say a category such as ‘show me something that will keep you dry’. Quickly look around your space and find something that fits the description. The first person to bring something back wins a point. Your leader will keep score.

Once you have your item, show everyone on your screen. Take turns explaining how you’d use this item on your adventure. Think outside of the box. Why not award a point for the most inventive idea too? For example, maybe you couldn’t leave the country without taking your favourite cheese with you as you might not be able to get it elsewhere and you need it with every meal. Keep your items in a pile, you’ll need them for the last part of the game.

Here are some examples to get you started. Add as many rounds as you would like to keep the game going.

Show me something…

  • That would keep you safe
  • That would start a fire
  • You could trade for something you’d need
  • You could eat your food with
  • You’d take to Big Gig or Wellies and Wristbands
  • You can use to keep you dry
  • You’d find on a Duke of Edinburgh kit list (think about camping or navigation things!)
  • You can’t leave the country without
  • You could play sport with
  • You’d take on water
  • You’d wear for an outdoor activity

Now you have all your items, it’s time to make a story up that includes everything! You have thirty seconds to say a mini adventure story including as many items as possible. You get a point for every item you included in your story.

Who has the most points overall? They’re the top adventurer!

Why not play this again together, coming up with your own categories? Perhaps you’ll need to find something that makes you laugh or you’re embarrassed to have in your room!

Just a minute!

Before you start, your leader will write a list of the Rangers in your unit using the whiteboard function in Zoom. This will be the order for your game.

Your leader will choose a topic, for example chocolate or space, and pick a Ranger to start. You have one minute to talk all about that topic. Your leader will time you. But, if you pause, hesitate, or bumble your words, everyone else can shout ‘Buzz!’ to stop you.

If you get buzzed, the next Ranger on the list must keep the conversation going. How long can you keep chatting about that topic without being buzzed out?

To make it harder, you can’t say the same thing anyone’s said before. Who’ll be the first to make it to one minute? They’re the winner!

Give it a go, changing what you talk about every time you play.

Asteroid antics

You’ll each need a balloon for this game. If you don’t have a balloon you could use a ball instead. Your leader will need a music player and some music too.

Oh no – asteroids incoming! It’s time to band together to save planet Earth. Everyone grab your balloon or ball. When the music starts playing, try to keep it in the air but you can’t keep hold of it (so either use your hands to push the balloon up, or keep throwing and catching your ball). To make it harder, can you do this with your eyes closed?

When the music stops, listen to your leader as they tell you your missions. Keep playing until you’ve completed all the missions.

Why not come up with your own missions and challenge each other? Perhaps you could come up with a dance move or fitness challenge when the music is playing too?


  • Take turns to sing a part of your favourite song in a funny voice.
  • Quickly find something in your room for each colour of the Rainbow.
  • Do something silly to make everyone laugh.
  • Do a moon walk across your room.
  • Say the alphabet backwards without making a mistake (every time you do, go back to the beginning – or end – of the alphabet).
  • You have two minutes to dress up as something (or someone else) with things you find around your room. Can anyone guess who you are?

Bingo lingo

You’re going to need paper and a pencil for this game.

Before you start, draw out on pieces of paper a 3×3 grid, so you have nine squares. Use a pencil for this game so that you can rub out between the rounds. You could use felt pens or colouring pencils too if you wanted, but you’ll need to have more than one grid if you want to play different rounds.

Decide as a unit how you would like each round to be completed – will you go for lines or a full house?

Choose someone to be the first alphabet caller – this could be your leader. Everyone else, fill your grid with letters of the alphabet. Make sure to not have the same letter more than once. Ready? Let’s play bingo lingo!

Play the game as you would normally with bingo, colouring in or crossing out each letter when it’s said by the alphabet caller. Who’ll win the first round?

Now you’ve mastered the game, let’s make it more fun. In bingo, the caller will often say funny phrases such as ‘clickety click’, or ‘garden gate’ to represent different numbers. Can you think of phrases for the letters you want to call out? For example, you might say ‘all the apples’ for A, or ‘enormous elephants’ for E.

Keep playing, taking turns to be the alphabet caller and creating new phrases or rules each time you play.

Problem solvers

It’s time to put on your problem-solving hat and solve your leader’s mysteries. Before you start, find five objects around your home that you think could help solve problems. Perhaps you’ll grab a plant, toothbrush or a cup?

Got all your items? Listen to your leader as they tell you a problem they have. Look at your items and choose one you think could help solve that problem. Be careful, once you’ve chosen that item, you can’t choose it again. Think strategically!

Once you’ve picked your item, it’s time to tell everyone how you can solve the problem with it. For example, your leader might have a hole in their tent and you’ve chosen your umbrella. You might put the umbrella up over where the hole is so no water comes through the tent. Plus as an extra – it’s now easier to know which tent is yours if you’re camping at a festival like Wellies and Wristbands!

When everyone’s said their ideas, vote together on which one you think best solves the problem – they win that round. Keep playing for as long as you want, changing problems and items to solve it.

Ready to up the challenge? Come up with your own problems to solve. Perhaps you could add a rule in that no one can use the same object in the same round. So if a cup has already been chosen, the next person has to use something else! How inventive can you be?

Leader problems

  • It’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella.
  • I’ve cut my knee.
  • I’m bored and need something to entertain me.
  • I’m hungry but don’t have any cooking equipment.
  • I need something to help me reach something in the kitchen.

The alphabet game

You’ll need a pen and paper for this game.

Choose someone to be the first alphabet picker. Your job is to silently go through the alphabet until someone tells you to stop. Say the letter you stopped on out loud.

Everyone grab your pen and paper. Your leader will give you different themes and ask you to think of things that begin with the letter and fit the themes. There’ll be five rounds so get thinking. When you have an idea, jot it down on the paper.

Now take turns saying your answer to each theme. If no one’s said the same thing as you, you get one point.

Keep playing, changing the alphabet picker and themes.

Try it this way

Why not take turns being the ‘theme chooser’ and come up with the weirdest and wackiest things people need to think of with that letter!

Once you’ve finished playing, count your scores and see who has the most – you’re the winner!

Theme suggestions:

  • Something you can see in your room
  • A reason to text a friend
  • Famous person
  • Capital cities
  • Things found in a souvenir shop
  • Fancy dress costumes
  • Song titles
  • Things that are in your bag
  • Things that are found in the ocean
  • Four letter words

20 questions

Can you guess what someone’s thinking of in just 20 questions?

Choose someone to think of an object. Remember to keep it a secret!

Everyone else, it’s time to get your questioning caps on. Take turns asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about the object. For example, ‘Is it something you can eat?’, or ‘Is it larger than a football?’. Your leader will keep count of how many questions are asked.

When you get to 20 questions, each take turns saying out loud what you think the object might be. Once everyone’s made their guess, reveal the object. Did anyone get it right? What question gave it away?

Keep playing, taking turns to come up with new objects and thinking of new questions that will help you guess what it could be.

Try it this way

Want to up the challenge? Why not reduce the number of questions allowed or split into teams and take turns asking questions, which team will get the answer first?

What’s in my bag?

Note to leader: Come up with ten random items to call out to the girls. For example, cloud, zebra, plate, owl, dinosaur, mobile.

Before your next meeting, grab a bag or empty pillowcase and put in ten random items that you find around your house. You could grab things like a piece of fruit, giant sunglasses, a schoolbook, a tie or your favourite fridge magnet.

Make sure you have your bag near you when you join your next Rangers meeting. And don’t tell anyone what’s inside – it’s a secret!

Your leader’s going to call out ten things, one by one. After each word, look in your bag and see what you have that resembles that thing. For example, if they say ‘cloud’, see if you have something fluffy or white. If you find something that looks like the object, you get one point. Keep going, you can only use each item once. Who has the most points at the end? You’re the winner!

Play again, taking turns to call out different things that you could have found. Perhaps you could decide on your own scoring system or add some extra rules in – for example, each round you might have the same list but you can’t use the same object as the round before?

Picture perfect

You’ll each need a pencil and one sheet of paper per drawing for this game. Decide as a unit how many drawings you’d like to do before starting, three or more would work well. 

Can you tell your Picasso from your Pollock? It’s time to put your artistic skills to the test!

Your leader will share their screen with you of a picture of a famous painting. Without looking down at your sheet of paper, can you draw what you see? You’ll have one minute for each drawing. Keep your eyes looking at the camera – don’t peak.

When the time’s up, show off your masterpieces with each other. Vote on whose drawing looks most like the original. Your leader will share why the painting is famous.

Try it this way

Why not come up with your own artistic scoring criteria?

Guess who?

Before your meeting: can you bring any fun accessories to wear – for example, you might have goggles, helmets, silly hats or giant sunglasses!

Are you telepathic? Can you find out who your leader’s thinking about with only a few questions?

To start, everyone raise your hand. Your leader’s going to choose one Ranger in your unit but won’t say her name out loud. Together, take turns asking your leader a question to try and find out who they are.

For example, you could ask, ‘Does she have brown hair?’. If she answers ‘no’, then all the Rangers with brown hair must put their hand down. This is to show they’re not the chosen Ranger. Keep going, asking lots of different questions until you find the Ranger your leader chose! They’ll be the last one with their hand up.

Play as many times as you like, taking turns to choose someone in your unit.

Now you’ve mastered the game, you could create some new rules to play. For example, before you ask your leader any questions about who they’ve chosen, everyone guess who they think it’s going to be and write them down. Who is the luckiest guesser in your unit?

Top tip

Why not add in some fun accessories to make it more difficult to guess?

Sounds in the round

Curtain call! Transform into an online sound orchestra and wow your leaders with your musical abilities.

As a unit, decide what sounds you can all make. Can you make the same sounds together, at different times, or different sounds all together?

Why not try out some of these together: clicking, clapping or whistling. Once you’ve mastered those, have a look around your room to see if there’s anything you could use to make your sound. Perhaps you could hit a pan with a wooden spoon, make a drumkit with spoons or you might have an instrument of your own to play. Once you’ve got something, bring it back to make a sound for your unit.

Take turns trying out your sounds until you’re ready to come together as an orchestra!

Now, try and find a beat. Choose someone to be the unit’s drummer, so everyone can keep to the beat. It might help slowly counting to four so you’re all in sync. 

When you’re ready choose an order and see if you can keep the beat going with your different sounds. Each Ranger will make a sound for four beats before it passes to the next Ranger. Every time you make a mistake, go back to the start and try again.

Can you keep your sounds going until you’re all making music together?

Wow! We bet that was a great sound. When you’re back meeting face to face with your units, why not play this game again, but try adding in singing too!

Try it this way

Too easy? Can you change up the tempo, by getting faster or really slow?

Pass the pen

Work together to get a pen passed around your whole unit and back to your leader!

Everyone grab a pen. Your leader will start. They’ll move their pen across the screen and call the name of the Ranger they’re going to pass the pen to.

When they move their pen off screen, the Ranger’s name who was called then moves her pen across the screen and calls the name of another Ranger.

Keep going, passing the pen to everyone in your unit in a big circle back to your leader.

If you call someone who’s already had the pen, stop and start again! Perhaps you could do actions to show you have or haven’t had the pen yet to help. How long will it take you?

Now you’re warmed up, try introducing another object (that you all have at home – perhaps a spoon!) and see if you can pass two objects in circles around your zoom call.

Too easy? Keep adding more objects or rules to your game every time you play.