​Ayrshire Adventurers are currently sitting in the train to Amsterdam, from Cologne, after a fun-filled couple of days in the German city. 

Yesterday we arrived to a warm welcome from Girlguiding Scotland’s INTOPs team ahead of the wide game on Saturday before heading straight for the Cathedral.

Dramatic, Gothic, and over 500ft tall, it’s a sight to behold. Some of the group took on the challenge of walking the 420 steps to the top which seemed like a never-ending spiral of stone. Once at the top though we had the most incredible view of the city – a true bird’s eye view.

To rest our aching feet after the previous couple of days, we jumped on a city bus tour for the next couple of hours. We got an insight into the city, spotting sites that would come in useful during the game the following day. However, it’s fair to say that most people had a bit of a nap on the bus – grabbing some much needed sleep time after our early rise.

The chocolate museum was next on the cards! Free chocolate? Yes please!

It was then time to head to Rhine Park where Coral, leader of the trip, had organised a picnic with other Senior Section groups in Cologne and the German ‘British Guides in Foreign Countries.’ We shared food, swapped badges, and as per every guiding gathering there was a campfire.

We sang favourites like Cider, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Pat, Edelweiss, and many others. It was a nice experience for all – singing campfire songs with others we had just met, as the sun went down.

Saturday brought the full reason for this trip – Catch Us In Cologne. The Ayrshire Adventurers had to split into two teams, Coral’s Crew (‘Fast’) and Pen’s People (‘Smart’). So we arrived at the meeting point this morning, before grabbing our packs and heading off. Coral’s Crew sprinted off into the distance while Pen’s People studied the pack before heading out to the bases.

There were 4 bases which we had to go to to complete activities to receive items for a final challenge. The cathedral, Koln Triangle, fishmarket and chocolate museum were the bases where we received items for making balloon animals! On top of that we had to take selfies with certain attractions, answer a quiz on the city, take as many modes of transport as possible, and name attractions too.

We all returned on time to the meeting point and attempted to make balloon animals (which ended in a lot of popped balloons and not many animals at all!)

At that, the winners of both Join the Journey (the trip to cologne) and Catch Us in Cologne were announced. Touring Twelve won Join the Journey after their hectic 11 countries in 6 days!! And the winners of Catch Us In Cologne (by a mile!) were…  CORAL’S CREW!

Elated with their win,  the crew and the rest of the Ayrshire Adventurers dashed off to their next city – Amsterdam.