These hints and tips were created for 1st Shortlees Guides ahead of their first camp (!) and thought we should share them ahead of Ayrwaves 2017! If you have any other dos or don’ts that you think are missing from this list, please email and we’ll get them added!

Packing Tips

– Pack light! You should be able to carry ALL of your stuff yourself.
– Do not bring suitcases (they take up too much room and are really difficult to roll across grass) A big backpack or holdall would be best.
– Put your sleeping bag, pillow/cushion, roll mat, and blanket into a bedding roll (YouTube has lots of good videos for making bedding rolls).
– Be considerate of your fellow campers with how much you bring.

Clothing Tips

– Bring warm PJs (layers, socks, and perhaps a onesie!)
– Bring extra socks and underwear (no-one likes wearing wet socks after a rainy day…)
– Bring a warm jumper/hoodie
– Bring old clothes that can get wet/muddy (white clothing is not your friend at camp)
– Bring a swimming costume (not a bikini)
– Bring a waterproof jacket.
– Mark all your clothes so they can be identified.
– No new trainers. A pair of wellies and either old trainers or walking boots will be fine!
– A pair of flip flops or sandals for showers.
– NO DENIM. Gym leggings, jeggings, cotton leggings, walking trousers are all fine but denim is very heavy and gets very wet so avoid.

Personal Care Tips

– Make sure you have basic toiletries with you in a smaller toiletires bag to carry. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a facecloth, hairbrush, bobbles/hairbands/bandanas, deodorant, and BABY WIPES are must haves.
– Also make sure you have plenty of sanitary items for the duration of camp.
– Pack a towel.
– Put your hair up in a plait or french braid if you have long hair. It’ll keep it out your way and require less brushing/care.
– If you have short hair, dry shampoo is a good shout (although don’t spray it in the tent…)
– All medication should be CLEARLY marked and in a separate bag to give to the first aider on arrival.

Other Stuff to Pack

– Bring a torch (and spare batteries!).
– Bring a book/cards/game to keep you amused in the tent.
– Bring a bag (plastic will do!) to put any wet/dirty clothes into. One leader suggests packing each item of clothing in a different plastic bag (e.g. t-shirts in a Tesco bag, underwear in Morrisons etc., and a bin bag for dirty clothes!)
– Bring suncream and a sun hat… you never know, you might need it!
– Bring bug spray and/or a midgie net, particularly if you’re prone to being bitten.
– If you choose to bring snacks, make sure you have enough to share with the others in your tent. Avoid anything chewy/sticky as they can make a mess in the tents. Also, chocolate melts if it gets hot so not always the best choice either!

General Camping Tips!

– Be careful getting in and out of tents. Avoid dragging grass/muck from outside in and be careful that you don’t jam zips with the tent fabric!
– Listen carefuly to instructions given by leaders.
– We recommend you leave your phone at home. However if you choose to bring it, then it is your responsibility if it gets lost/broken.
– Don’t phone home, it’ll just make you home sick. This is also for the parents/guardians! Don’t phone your child while they’re at camp – if we need to get in touch with you, then leaders have parents/guardian’s numbers.
– Help out! There’s always something to be done at camp whether it’s helping the cook, tidying, running a game with fellow campers – just ask the leaders!

Most importantly though – have fun! Get involved, talk to new people, try new activities, and don’t take life too seriously!