In 2021, there’ll be a new challenge and new activity to try every quarter.

Our challenges are for girls to explore and investigate however they want.

You don’t have to do them in your unit meetings, but you might want to talk about how you are all getting on.

These challenges are not part of the Girlguiding programme, but they are inspired by our interest badges and we hope they inspire girls to try new things.

Storytime stars

What’s that in the sky? A bird, a plane or a sea of stars? Have you noticed the things you see in the sky at different times of the day?

We challenge you to discover what you can see at night time from your home. Whether that’s from your bedroom window or just outside your front door – it’s time to look up and appreciate our night sky. Have you ever stargazed? Have you looked up at the sky and seen the stars, or maybe even daydreamed whilst looking at them?

Each day, keep a space journal of what you see. Jot down what you were thinking or doodle what you could see that night. You might want to think about how many stars you saw, or if they were the same place as they were yesterday. Could you see more or less each day? You might see different things in the sky depending on where you live, and what the weather is that day. Why do you think this is?

When you’ve completed your space journal, print out our fun activity sheet to bring the stars into your home. Cut out the holes and shine a light (you could use a torch) at the paper to see a constellation of stars appear on your wall. A constellation is a group of stars that appears to form a pattern or picture You could even try making your own constellation activity sheet!

Hold your own evening of stargazing story fun for your household. Read out your space journal or choose a story that’s all about the night sky. Why not share your space journals with your Brownie friends too and see what space adventures you all went on together this month?

Inspired to find out more about the night sky and space? We created this fun challenge with our friends at the Royal Astronomical Society. You can find lots of great things about stargazing with our extra information sheet, or about space and the night sky on their website.

Resource taken from Girlguiding Website: