Adventures at Home – Activities Blog 3!

Because of the changes we all need to make to protect against the spread of coronavirus, things can be a bit worrying or confusing – particularly for young people.
As part of Adventures at Home, these handy activities from the Think Resilient peer education resource will help children and young people with their feelings during this time.
They’ve been written for different age groups, from Brownies (age 7-10) and upwards but can be adapted for Rainbows (age 4-7). These can also be adapted to working one to one or as an online group.

Download the activities and view more on:…/thinking-resilient-activit…/a

Adventures at Home – Activities Blog 2!

Did you know that don’t need to be a member of Girlguiding to give our Adventures at Home activities a try? They’re here so all young people can have a bit of adventure at this tough time.
New activities are added every Wednesday across all the sections that you can download and use at home, why not try these with your friends and family? Tag a friend and try something different today!
To download these activities and more, go to;…/adventures-at-home/

Adventures at Home – Activity Blog

Being an adventurer is a state of mind – it’s being brave and determined, supporting others and finding fun in everything we do. And it doesn’t need to stop just because we’re staying indoors.
New activities are added every Wednesday across all the sections that you can download and use at home, why not try these with your friends and family? Tag a friend and try something different today!
To download these activities and more, go to;…/adventures-at-home/

5 Creative Ways to find calm

Mindfulness – the ancient art of being present in the moment and really noticing what you’re doing – is something everyone can benefit from, young or old.
At the moment, when things are so different for everyone, it can be a good idea to bring a moment of mindfulness into your day.
And with these calming activities to try at home, you’ll also be using your creativity and brightening up your day with colour and craft.
We’ve been inspired by the brilliant creative projects we’ve seen across social media, as girls in Brownies work on their Mindfulness badge and girls across the country use creativity to decorate their windows and bring a smile to their street.
So we’re sharing some of our favourite creative activities that will help your family slow down, relax and de-stress.
1. Colour (or doodle) yourself mindful
Colouring and doodling are a great way to introduce the whole family to mindfulness as part of their daily routine. Research suggests both can aid concentration, memory and problem solving, distract from negative thoughts or worries, provide a positive coping mechanism for anxiety, and boost mood overall.
If you don’t already have a colouring book, there are loads of great free colouring images online for you to print at home; we like these stress-busting designs from Cbeebies.
Doodling, of course, can be done anywhere. You don’t even need a paper and pen! Get creative with how you do your doodles – could you try using your fingertip in a sandbox?
Here are a few directions to help promote mindfulness as you go:

Grab a smaller sheet of paper – no bigger than A5 – so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the space to fill.
Put on some creative or relaxing music to help you […]


We always knew our members are incredibly creative and dedicated, but the lockdown has really brought this home to us in a new way.
Even though units are not able to meet, our volunteers are still working hard to bring guiding to girls and young women at home. Doing fun and rewarding activities has proved to be an essential part of staying healthy and happy during lockdown, which is why we’re so grateful for all of your hard work.
Here is a round-up of some of our favourite ideas we’ve seen on social media
Virtual meetings
Lots of you are having fun keeping meetings going over video chat and Zoom! Many of you are also experimenting with different ways of using technology to set activities and stay connected.

– 1st Bourtreehill Rainbows on Zoom!
Amazing activities
As ever, you’re not limiting yourselves to programme activities either! We love seeing all the creative ways you’re staying connected and having fun.
Thank you so much to all our members for keeping guiding going.
If this has inspired you to take your unit online, then check out the Girlguiding link here:  our guidance for online guiding.
If you’d like activity ideas, learning resources and much more, make sure to take a look at Girlguidings Adventures at home pages.

Programme Overview…

There’s so much to try in the Girlguiding programme, all designed so there’s something for every girl.
The structure of our programme means girls can grow along with the themes from from Rainbows right up to Rangers.

– How the parts of our programme work together

Our members worked with us at every stage to design and test every element of this programme, from activities to badge design. Interest badges alone were tested and tried by over 1,000 girls and parents, and many more members and young women tried out activities at unit meetings, consultations, focus groups and camps.
The programme has six consistent themes that run all the way from Rainbows to Rangers.
Find out more about the themes
Anniversary badges
These bold badges celebrate membership and commitment. There’s a badge to mark each year a girl spends as part of the guiding family – no matter what age she joins.
Interest badges
Interest badges are a girls’ opportunity to explore her own interests, hobbies and passions outside of the unit setting.
Find out more about interest badges
Unit meeting activities
There are lots of fun, ready-to-go unit meeting activities of varying lengths and styles, which can be dropped into gaps in your programme to add balance and variation to the guiding experience.
Find out more about unit meeting activities
Skills builders
Skills builders are designed to stretch and challenge girls of all abilities and enable them to develop core skills throughout their guiding journey.
Find out more about skills builders
Theme awards
A combination of unit meeting activities, interest badges and skills builders on the same theme will help girls build up to a Theme award that demonstrates the time they’ve dedicated to exploring that area.
Find out more about awards
Top section awards

Section Bronze award: a girl needs to complete any two […]


INTOPS is all about having fun and finding out about the international opportunities that are on offer in Guiding. You can find out more about INTOPS by watching the video below;
INTOPS is now open to girls aged 13 or over by 1st June 2020. Interested? Apply by the 1st June 2020 and start your next adventure.

For more information please contact Louise Crichton or through email;

Summer Getaway – Programme!

The team are working very hard to prepare a packed programme of fun activities from Tent building to Teddy Bear Picnic, Delicious Mocktails and Fruit Kebabs, and a Silent Disco and Boogie Breakfast to get your body moving. With special guests lined up it is sure to be a great weekend!
Keep an eye out for our Suitcase Kit List coming out at the end of the week so you’re prepared for all these fun activities

Ayrshire North – Summer Getaway Camp!

Join us in Ayrshire North’s first ever Virtual Camping Experience! 🌴 ☀️🌴
From Friday 5th June from 6:00pm and Saturday 6th June from 9:00am, Girlguiding Ayrshire North will be holding a Virtual Camp called ‘Summer Getaway’ through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.
Members will be able to watch livestream videos and take part in activities from building tents and campfires to creating mocktails and flower crowns. Girls can then take photos and videos of their crafts and performances and share them across County. A kitlist for what will be required for the activities will be released prior to the event.

We hope you will join uson our new camping adventure! 🌴

All About…Awards!

Awards add something extra special to girls’ guiding experience
Our range of awards inspires girls and celebrates their achievements. Some are new awards, others have a long history. But all of them take time and commitment to achieve, which is why they’re something girls can be really proud of. 
Theme awards and the top section awards are based around elements of our programme. They’re designed to encourage girls to take on a broad range of challenges. The activities girls do in their unit meetings can count towards these awards. This makes them much more accessible, which means more girls can achieve them. 
Theme awards
These awards relate to the six new themes that run across the programme. There’s an award for each theme in every section. So a girl who starts in Rainbows and goes right through to Rangers could end up with 24 Theme awards.
A girl has to complete the following combination of activities within the same theme to achieve the Theme award for that section:

One interest badge
One skills builder stage
A certain number of hours of unit meeting activities: 3 hours for Rainbows, 4 hours for Brownies and 5 hours for Guides and Rangers

Each Theme award has it’s own specially designed badge that girls won’t be able to wait to get their hands on. Girls and young women can track their progress in shiny badge and record books.
Top section awards
There are three top section awards, for each section, they build on Theme awards.

Section Bronze award: a girl needs to complete any two Theme awards from her current section.
Section Silver award: a girl needs to complete any four Theme awards from her current section.
Section Gold award: a girl needs to earn all six Theme awards and then do a […]